For the night owls and the dreamers.

HackRice is Rice University's annual hackathon event. Participants trade their sleep for a weekend and join a team to create a project - typically software - in an environment optimized for creativity. At the end of the event, the participants demonstrate their projects to fellow hackers, visitors, and a panel of judges. The event is hosted by the Rice Computer Science Club.

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Confirmed HackRice 7 attendees may make a Devpost submission. Submissions should be one per project. Alumni may also submit a submission, but it will not be eligible for judging and prizes.



The following items will be expected for the submission:
  • Team members, including contact information.
  • Application name and its description and purpose.
  • A 2 minutes max video demonstrating the hack can be helpful, but is not required.
  • URL to live demo of the application if applicable.




Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    We are looking for technically advanced solutions to technically challenging problems that make use of hardware and API's.That being said, if you can solve a technically challenging problem with a simple solution, we will be very impressed!
  • Creativity
    We are looking for original ideas or new angles on existing ideas. For example, using an API in a unique way. We know API's work - we want to see if you can do something new and awesome with them!
  • Design & Polish
    We are looking for aesthetically pleasing projects with smooth and clear user experience.
  • Practicality & Usefulness
    We are looking for socially good projects that people would use. Additionally, we would like to emphasize that we will extensively check to make sure that your project doesn't only work on the cases you demo.